The Hijama Centre approached me in regards to getting a new website online for their business, they had a few requirements being that they needed to be able to showcase their brand and services, take online bookings and payments and have the capability to sell products online at a later date.

Wanting to ensure that the online booking system that ran as the client needed, they had told me about a system called 10to8 which fitted the bill perfectly. It can be seamlessly integrated into the website and allows The Hijama Centre to take online bookings, process online booking payments, and an online portal that allows them to manage bookings and time slots etc. 

The website went live only a few days ago and is still bedding in but the keyword structure and SEO seam to be bedding in well. With plans to incorporate a shop at a later date this will only continue to grow and strengthen the site overall. 

I will be continuing to work with the team at The Hijama Centre as they have signed up for an ongoing hosting and maintenance package with Evans Creative! 

You can check out their new site here:

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