Changes in your business approach to your tactics and online presence if done right can reap big rewards. I have been working with Velo 21 for a few months now, and launched a brand new look website in late 2018, completely revamping the website from top to bottom with a whole new approach everything was changed from images to product descriptions. Working along side Mathieu French who has handled all the advertising and newsletters for this new approach has yielded big results for Velo 21, with February 2019 alone yielding a 49% increase in sales for the same month in 2018. 

Evans Creative

Evans Creative and Mathieu French – Technical SEO and Software Developer combining our skills has been successful for Velo 21, from both a sales perspective and a brand perspective. Velo 21 now have a responsive website that works much better on multi devices thanks to its new design, and also user experience with the website is improving all the time with changes and design tweaks from myself. 

Thanks to small changes in the way the text and images are working on the site and new product descriptions organic hits one the website are increasing by the day, and a new regularly updated blog section is aiding with this. Mathieu has been working on advertisements, SEO and newsletters that have seen the newsletter increase sales week on week, with sign ups also increasing from nearly zero to over 400 in just 3 months. Organic hits from Google alone have increased by close to double over a three month period, and in some cases online presence in search terms (rankings in Google) have more than quadrupled. 

I will be continuing to team up with Mathieu and Steve from Velo 21 – and with the cycling season now up and coming hope to see that 49% increase in sales expand even further! 

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