It’s not often that a client is found when they are at your house fixing a rather annoying leaking roof, but that is how I ended up teaming up with KJ Roofing & Maintenance Services! The team had been employed to fix part of my roof that had been leaking for some time unbeknown to us until the ceiling fell in! 

KJ Roofing & Maintenance

The client just needed a basic website that showcased their services and helped drum up some additional custom – what I refer to as a “Here We Are” website, a few pages explaining who you are, what services you offer and how to contact you. KJ Roofing & Maintenance Services had a Facebook page but that was all, so I was able to start from scratch! I needed to team up with local logo designer Kelly who was able to replicate their logo exactly as it appeared on their van, due to an image file not being available. 

Once this was in place and with a wealth of images available of their work, and ample customer reviews I was able to create them a website that showcased their work, their customer reviews and also what services they offered. As part of the service I also ensured that all SEO work was completed, and also set them up with a Google My Business Page and also set the company up on TrustPilot, This not only ensures that the business gets the maximum exposure both with SEO and customer feedback, but allows for future customers to find them more easily as they are not solely reliant on just Facebook for attracting new customers who may not have heard of them via word of mouth. 

I only hope that they are as happy with their website as I am with their roofing work! You can check their new site out here:

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