Having worked with Cool Hammocks since the start of 2019 as a sponsor of one of my blogs they are no stranger to Evans Creative. Steven Lambert who owns Cool Hammocks had approached me some weeks ago and mentioned he was looking to move his website off its current platform on Shopify, and onto a more content rich, SEO friendly platform, and here we are a few weeks later with a brand new website! 

Evans Creative

Cool Hammocks had been hosted on Shopify since its launch, the platform although has a list of benefits for small businesses, did have its drawbacks for Steven, with its increasing fees to host and payment processing fees, and also SEO hinderances such as permalinks and blog sections. I was able to get a demo site up and running for Steve, who had seen work we had done for the likes of Velo 21 and Dick’s Bean Bar, to give Steven a good idea of how the site could look and operate. 

I was able to utilise existing software and team this up with platforms such as MailChimp, Stripe and WooCommerce to create a store that was attractive and UX friendly for the customers of Cool Hammocks, but also user friendly for Steven who would be using the backend of the website to process orders. 

During the process I was able to utilise a piece of software that enabled the transition of existing products and customer orders/details to the new platform to enable continuity for both the client and for their customers, so no data was lost as a result of moving to the new site, this enabled Steve to be able to keep track of previous customers and also prevent existing customers from losing any login details and order details, as these would appear as normal in the new website. 

Steps have also been put into place to ensure that 404 landing pages on the website are kept to a minimum – due to the site already having listings within search engines keeping any visitors clicking these existing links hitting a blank page to a minimum is a must – as they damage the site reputation with both customers and Google  – so I was able to set up a system which redirects the link to its new home on the new website. 

The new website is now live after a period of prolonged testing and trails with the new systems and hosts a all new blog section packed with articles and a whole new interactive, UX design led website! You can find it at www.coolhammocks.co.uk

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