Dick’s Bean Bar have been a client of Evans Creative for close to a year now, and when I initially set up the website for them we discussed future plans with them, and it was decided that we would build some contingencies into the initial design that would allow for them to move into a eCommerce side of the business at a later date, and now is that time! Dick’s Bean Bar has launched a home delviery service for coffee subscriptions and more! 

Dick's Bean Bar

It’s been a busy few weeks for Rob and the team as they have also launched a local delivery service for their products via Uber Eats also! Giving the business a large scope and large audience with now both the local delivery service during the day, a coffee bar open 12 hours of the day and now a 24 hour online store – with a scope to expand the product range even further still! 

With over 100 hours work completed on Dick’s Bean Bar website it has been very labour intensive and lots of meetings with the client – which does have benefits of being able to devour their delicious single origin coffee! The results are starting to show with increased organic hits thanks to the improved and tweaked SEO changes, better product descriptions and simplified menu structure in their Click and Collect menu, which previously had over 100 choices, I was able to re design this and simplify it to make it easier to navigate and order from the menu from mobile devices.  

A new homepage design was also completed to showcase the new menu and services, I also needed to add additional pages to show the new delivery services. There are additional works to be completed and these are all being completed in the background, alongside SEO work and checking that the site is both performing as expected and making changes as needed. 

Part of the benefits of using Evans Creative is all this additional work and design changes – is all part of your ongoing maintenance package – most web designers will charge you a monthly hosting fee and then charge per hour or per job for all design changes or additional work – with Evans Creative this is all inclusive! 

You can see the new website design and new services by visiting www.dicksbeanbar.coffee or clicking here!

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