Spot On Time website was originally launched back in mid 2018, but due to a break in a few months ago the website had to close until such time that Ryan its owner had chance to see what stock was missing and also replace items stolen. I am pleased to say that Spot On Time has now reopened for business! 

Evans Creative

Spot On Time is a self maintained client – I take care of all the background jobs such as ensuring that the site is hosted correctly, design work etc but Ryan takes care of the eCommerce side of things himself – after all he is the expert in watches not me! I am of course on hand for any tips and changes that need to be made for SEO reasons or design aspects! 

I did take the opportunity while the site was down to make some minor adjustments to the website such as small changes to the font as the previous selection was a little hard to read when using mobile devices, and some small changes to the images used to brighten the site up. Further changes are scheduled in for later in the year with a remodel of the homepage and store, but for now myself and Ryan are just happy that the website is now back open for both him and his customers! You can visit Spot On Time by heading to – 

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