Bill & Brandon found us on the back of a recommendation from a previous client, and wanted a website refresh for their current website and to take advantage of our monthly maintenance package. I was able to see some quite significant changes to their current website that needed to be changed and highlighted these to Robyn from Bill and Brandon who agreed that changes needed to be made. 

Given that the old website already had the products loaded, and Bill and Brandon had a wealth of product images and model images building the site was much easier than doing so from scratch. Bill and Brandon wanted a minimalist approach with text kept to a minimum, so much of the usual techniques were kept to a minimum. 

Utilising existing connections with MailChimp and Stripe I was able to build a fully responsive and integrated store that can be changed and updated with ease for the client. Teaming up with a fellow freelancer the plan is to now focus on creating an engaging and relevant blog section for the site.

So a big welcome aboard to Bill & Brandon and you can check out their new mobile friendly new website here –

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