Anyone that has met me know that I have a passion for good coffee – so hosting and working on Dick’s Bean Bar webstie comes as a second nature to me! I have been working closely with Rob the owner of late who is looking to take Dick’s Bean Bar to a new client base with a new coffee subscription service. 

Evans Creative

Coffee subscriptions has taken off in recent years and more and more small coffee shops and producers are joining the growing market. The changes needed to allow Dick’s Bean Bar Coffee Subscription to take place were partly built into the website when I first started building this last year, as it will piggyback on the existing click and collect service ran with WooCommerce, this keeps it simple for Rob to maintain and keep track of orders and communicate with buyers. Some tweaks to the website layout will be needed to separate the home delivery side of things from the click and collect and additional settings tweaked to also allow for home delivery, but as most of this was built into the initial design disruption to the website will be kept as close to minuimul. 

Rob wanted to gauge response to the service by first launching an advertising campaign and collecting interested parties details, so I have set up a mailing list for the service in order to collect data, the best way to do this and keep all details secure and compliant with GDPR was to use MailChimp, as this allowed us to collate the required data in a secure way with added benefits of being able to communicate with the interested parties – and anyone who wanted to no longer be contacted be removed automatically. 

Plans are to collate interested parties and launch once a gauge of interest parties are signed up. I would urge anyone with a love of coffee to sign up – Dick’s Bean Bar will be using Cuban Serrano coffee as the primary coffee for the subscription – a subline coffee with a very nice taste! Plus its single origin! 

You can find out more about Dick’s Bean Bar here on the webstie I created for them and more about the coffee subscription service here! Click here to see examples of my work or here to see a full list of my services. If you want to read more from my blog click here!