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Miles for smiles!

If you have not already guessed it I am a very keen cyclist, it may become apparent when you look at my client list as I have quite a few cycling related clientele! Cycling is a huge passion for me, it saved my life – literally! I discuss this in a blog I write for Bike Bible called One Velo – all about using cycling to battle mental health issues, currently kindly sponsored by Cool Hammocks – yep also another client!  My passion for cycling and my in depth knowledge of most aspects of the sport, the brands and its customers has lead to a lot of my clients do originate from the cycling industry. When I am not busy working on clients websites you can often find me getting some miles in on my trusty bike in the lanes, cycle paths and trails around Cheshire! 

Cycling helps me with my web design and content work as it allows time to focus and dial in on my creative side. Some of my best ideas for websites and designs have come to me mid ride! 

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