Evans Creative

Frequently Asked Questions 

Why does your website have no prices? 

I believe in only charging customers for services they need or want. Some website companies or designers will have a “package” on sale on their website which will have a bunch of core services and factor in some services they believe you may need; they then charge extra on top of this for additional services. I believe in only charging you for services you use – so my packages are both affordable and bespoke to you.   

I only need a few pages on my website can you do small websites?  

The benefit of using my services is that I build the website to your needs, if you only need a few pages such as a homepage and a find us page I can build the site as small or as large as you need.  

Do you have an office we can visit?  

To keep costs down for all our clients I work from home-based office, this allows me to keep my overheads down and not pass them onto our clients. I can however come to you or meet locally in some of my favorite coffee shops!  

Do you charge a monthly hosting fee? 

In short – Yes. I have varying fees from £5 per month and increases depending on the size of your website & depending on the package and deal I arrange for you. I will always be clear about this up front and this will only change if I consult you first. All our monthly fees cover the cost of hosting your website, all ongoing charges and 24/7 support.

Will I retain ownership of the website, its design & domains? 

Yes – 100% of the site is in your ownership. I do ask that domains are hosted on our my servers to allow me to deal with any issues or problems that arise quickly and effectively, but if you ever wanted to move away from our service I would arrange for this to be done free of charge along with all content and designs from the website.  

Are there any hidden costs? 

No – I agree a price prior to starting any work, the only time this will change is if you require any additional third-party software to be added to your website which requires a license to be purchased which had not been agreed in our initial quote.  

Do you outsource overseas? 

No – I am UK based and the only time I will outsource work is for existing clients who may require services I do not offer but I would advise of this up front offering the client the chance to source their own services.  

I already have a hosted website but need a redesign – can you help? 

I can help with things like this yes – depending on the work that has already been carried out and what CMS has been used to create your website. Speak to me for more details.  

How long will it take to set my website up?  

This all depends on what is needed – I will agree a time scale with you prior to starting work to ensure that it fits within your requirements.  

What is the Evans Creative Promise?  

The Evans Creative Promise is a promise to you that if I believe I cannot fully offer the services you are looking for I will be honest and up front about this – and even if this means I refer you to one of our competitors I would rather do this than damage my reputation by not completing the work to my own high standards.