Simple Features You Should Implement On Your Site

Your website is likely the first time a potential client/ customer will hear about your business/services, and if they get a  bad impression during this initial exposure, there’s a good chance you’ll never hear from them again. The wrong website design will not only discourage people from doing business with you – it will also hand potential customers to your competitors! Below are a few simple UX design features that you should implement on your website to ensure you are retaining customers and not losing them! 

Simple, Clean Design

How many times as a customer have you visited a website and your eyes are being drawn here there and everywhere, or you have to ratch about to find the information you need? For want of a better expression you need to spoon feed your potential customers, the harder you make it for someone to find information or buy products/services the less likely they are to do so. 

Simple Features You Should Implement On Your Site

Make Your Site Mobile Ready

Besides the HUGE benefits to SEO, ensuing your site is responsive and mobile ready has huge benefits from a customer perspective. More and more people are accessing and searching for services using their mobile devices be it mobile phones or tablet devices. If your design is not mobile ready not only will Google punish you in the rankings but users are not likely to be able to access your site or buy your products/services. You can read more about responsive design in another one of my blog posts here

Create Detailed Descriptions

You have the best products in the industry, they look the part, they do the job intenented but no one knows about them or buying them why? Possibly because they do not know enough about them! Your product descriptions need to tell the customer most of what they need to know, this does not mean packing a page full of pointless information, or ramming it with text upon text. A good product description tells the customer what they need to know in a clear but direct way, use key points and break it into sections – do not forget images! 

Simple Features You Should Implement On Your Site

Use Visual Aids

Images and videos can aid conversion rates exponentially, as people see a wall of text and the brain does not absorb it all. Helping this by showing customers your products either in images or action videos helps them see the product, and can help with them visualising owning the product or using the service. 

Show Customer Reviews

Customer reviews carry more weight than any other form of marketing, content or anything else you can do to your website or marketing plan. The rise of sites like Trustpilot , Google Reviews and reviews on social media like Facebook Pages has given customers more opportunities to tell the world about their good experiences and their bad. Showing potential customers how people feel about your business good or bad should now be a vital part of your website.  

Final Words

There are a few key features that your site should include to give you a fighting start to your online journey. It is not always easy to get each of them right, but a good web designer should be able to point you in the right direction and aid you with this. It is important to remember that your website is not a race, and changes need to be made continually be it design changes to respond to feedback or customer journey, or changes to the market you are operating in, so take your time and implement changes that improve your site as and when needed. 

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