Content for Google or people?

Keywords, keywords, keywords – so important for pretty much most aspects of web design and content writing, but I for one think that it is all too easy to fall into a trap of writing and designing with only one focus – ranking in Google, do not get me wrong ranking high in Google is pretty much the end goal of every content writer, website designer and business out there – but at what cost should it come at? All too often reading an article I can tell if it has been written for the reader or for Google some times refereed to as writing for SEO.

The Holy Grail Of Content

I will be clear from the start – writing with only Google in mind is not necessarily bad, but neither is it perfect, but flip it round a fantastically written article that does not rank in Google will never be seen by 99% of the population either. Finding a good balance is the holy grail!

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Given the many factors in SEO such as content length, keyword density, keyword variations, links both inbound and outbound and a whole list of other factors to take into consideration it can be all too easy to get bogged down in the details of all this and forget that although they are important – Google will not read your article! Google does not take 10 minutes out of their lunch break to read your article start to finish, or pay any attention to your chosen subject, it will however pay very close attention to how users interact with your content and give it a “score” or ranking based on this (and other factors). 

Google has highly sophisticated search algorithms that are getting better every day, and hugely more sophisticated and improved with each passing year, with an aim of offering its users the best search results possible, so this is where solely focusing on writing content for Google rankings can have major pitfalls. In solely focusing on how the content will rank you can end up having a negative impact on the rankings, sounds backwards right? You do everything you are supposed to do, using keywords and making sure your content contains all the right “triggers” to get it ranking higher – but in doing so you could be unwittingly doing two things, the first being your readers get bored reading content that is unreadable and hard to follow, and as a result the second thing happens – they stop reading and leave the page this can increase your bounce rate, a factor in how Google ranks both your content and your website as a whole. 

Long Story Short

So cutting a long story short it is not easy striking a balance between high quality content that is written for both reader and search engine rankings, but as the old saying goes – if it was easy everyone would be doing it! This is where a good content writer providing White Label Content comes in – as they can tailor the content to your needs, the needs of the reader and the needs of the search engines, striking a good balance between them all – or focusing in one one area.  There is a lot more to this subject that cannot be crammed into one post – such as things like evergreen content or long form content vs short form content – and I plan to cover these in future posts! 

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