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Google My Business – What & Why?

Google My Business is one of the easiest ways to improve the appearance of your business or website in search results, yet many businesses fail to use it to its full potential if at all! This free to use tool could help your business be found by potential clients/customers, so why are you not making use of it? Read on to find out why Evans Creative offer these to our clients for free – and also offer to help local business have one even if they are not a client!

What is Google My Business?

Google My Business is the official term for the listings you will see on Google Maps and at the side of the Google Searches when you search for a business name or business term. For instance searching for bike shops in Liverpool will show something like this:

Evans Creative

Results show in different ways depending on search terms and also device type for instance the above image was using a broad search term, but if I was to search for Evans Cycles Liverpool – a more focused result which would display more information about the business, and chances are if someone has searched for your company name in Google they are looking for information about you. 

Now as with everything in the land of Google there is no magic number of getting your business listed in the “magic 3” businesses which get listed first, but as a rule completed listings with all the information required, good ratings and a website presence do help. 

Why should I have a Google My Business Listing?

Now you know what a Google My Business Listing is you might be asking why you need one? Well I say simply why shouldn’t you have one! It is a free resource that gives your business an online presence, even if you do not have a website you are visible online to potential clients/customers. Local SEO is becoming more and more of a force to be reckoned with and too many businesses ignore the benefits of this, for instance my own website that you are reading now receives more hits from searches from people looking for local SEO services and local web designers than it does from national search engine results. It also gives you a presence in Google Maps if your address is included within the listing. 

Besides the SEO benefits and letting your customers know where you are there are other benefits that come free of charge with the listing such as updates and insights into the listings performance such as how many times it has been seen or how many calls have been generated or website clicks etc.  It also adds credibility to your brand thanks to reviews and a professional looking listing. 

Claim a free listing 

I believe so strongly in the power of the free listings that I as a business offer to set these up to people who may not know how, or need assistance in doing so. I started doing this service this year when I found out that some businesses were contacting small business owners and selling them a service to set these up, now despite setting one up takes a matter of minutes and is a free service from Google, some companies charge as much as £500 to set one up for you, which for a small business is a huge expense more so for a free listing. If you would like a free no obligation Google listing please contact me and I can set one up for you – no charge, no spamming your inbox and no obligation for doing so – just a free service from one small business owner to another. 

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