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The Importance Of Having A Privacy Policy

Having a privacy policy on your website is an absolute must now partly due to GDPR regulations and also because visitors want to know what data is collected and how this is dealt with, so having one is a question of legal requirements and also moral standing. I always insist that all my clients allow me to place a basic privacy policy page with basic details on their websites, and advise them to seek further amendments to it should they be collecting or handling data beyond what my policy includes.

Having a privacy policy on your website is not now only a legal requirement but also has the benefit of showing your readers and customers that you are trust worthy, as within your policy you should include everything you are going to use their data for, how you collect it and if it will be used for any other purpose beyond delivering your services. If that wasn’t enough a whopping big fine of up to £20 million for breaches of personal data or complaints raised against your website for not handing data as you said you were going to should be a big enough incentive! 

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What do you need to include in your privacy policy? Well this all depends on what data you are collecting and what its purpose is for, but as a basic outline I would recommend that the following are covered as a baseline then expanded depending on your specific needs:

  • Cookie data
  • Personal information privacy
  • Collected information
  • Information usage
  • How users can access the data you hold

In essence you need to tell users what information you are holding, how it will be used, how its collected and stored, and if it will be disclosed to any third parties, now you might say well I don’t collect any data, even using Google Analytics collects data even if this is displayed anomalously to you! If you are capturing data for the purposes of contacting customers or taking orders from them online, you must also outline within your policy how the customer can access this information and give them the rights they are entitled to under GDPR regulations such as Right to Access Personal Data, Right to Erasure or Right to be Notified (there are more than these 3). Due to most sites that I run collecting some form of information I insist that all my clients have access to a privacy policy and display this on their website, and will provide them with a basic one for free as part of my services – but seeking independent advice to ensure that you are complying with the law is always advisable!

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