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What is white label content, and why should you use it?

Standing out from the crowd of noise and hussle and bussle of the internet and endless stream of adverts can seem like mission impossible. Digital marketing is changing on a daily basis and is becoming more creative with it. Content has always been part of this and with shifting tides from plain adverts to informational content is fastly becoming the way to ensure your brand and business stand out from the crowd. Trouble is creating engaging, brand worthy content is time consuming and not easy, so how can small businesses get this valuable resource and still find the time for everything else? The answer is white label content! 

What is white label content? 

Simply put white label content is any content created by a third party but under your brand. This can take many forms from social media posts, blog posts, product descriptions etc etc. The provider would write the content as if it was your business and omit any details that could link it back to them. 

Why use white label content? 

There are a few reasons you may wish to use white label content, time saving being the first! Running a small business is time consuming so keeping on top of the day to day running of the business itself is very time intensive, adding additional pressure of spending hours researching, creating and publishing content can just seem a far fetched concept. Second as converted in another blog post – content is king! Written content for a website has many benefits, social media interaction has lots of benefits – basically content has benefits and too many of them to list them all but in essence it helps with customer interaction, customer engagement, customer retention, brand presence, SEO and many more! 

Evans Creative 

I can assist with most  content provision for you and your small business and to date have approximately 90+ white label content blog posts and hundreds if not thousands of social media posts completed in this way – and the only way you would ever know they were completed by me is if you were a language expert able to drill down into my writing style! Drop me a line or an email and I can discuss your needs – as with all my services they are covered by my personal guarantee – that If I cannot 100% provide the service you are looking for I will always put you in contact with someone more suitable to your needs! 

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