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Why choose to work with a freelancer?

A question often branded about and sometimes directly to me is – why should I/we work with a freelancer over a “traditional business” or even a full time employee? It is often seen that a freelancer is not able to offer the same level of service to its customers and will be somewhat inferior, and in some cases this might be the case but I hope to quash some of these theories with this post!


Freelancers often do not have the big fancy office, with the fancy coffee machine that can make 14 different coffees as the press of a button or a receptionist called Barbara, whist they do not have all of these – this also means you are not paying for them either! Freelancers are often cheaper by a fair margin compared to a larger company with employees as their overheads are lower they don’t need to pass these costs on to their clients! 


Freelancers as a rule always have their fingers on the pulse when it comes to changes in the market and changes in technology, they have to their lively hood depends on it! They tend to be quicker and more responsive to sudden changes, after all they do not need to pass a training pack past HR, or book in training slots for their staff! Some freelancers as even ahead of the game – coming up with their own solutions to problems, and implementing them ahead of market trends or bigger companies. 

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Need a certain job doing, possibly only once? Freelancers tend to focus on their key skills and are hired for them. They are usually experts or at least intermediates within their skill with many years of experience under their belts. They can be hired long or short term for the specialist project you have in mind with no long term commitments in most cases. 

Future Availability

It is rare that a freelancer will simply turn away from any future work you have for them, well that is unless you forgot to pay their bill! So them having an understanding of working on your project before will have a good and intimate knowledge of the work done and how to proceed with any upgrades or future work. 


Freelancers know that without a positive outcome or clients asking them for work, they do not have a sales team to drum up business, they also do not have the large resources of a large company to fall back on – so you will find that most freelancers are usually fully committed to both their business and to your project! After all one unhappy client could ruin their chances of getting any further work! Dedication and commitment is a given from most freelancers! 

Speed & Quality 

A good freelancer knows that speed can be of the essence when being hired, so will focus on offering quality work done on time or at a minimum will offer a time scale they feel it can be done in to check this fits with your requirements. Reputation and repeat business is a freelancers bread and butter – so keeping a client happy with work delivered on time is key!


Freelancers all work alone right? Wrong – a good freelancer will have contacts within their remit that they know they can call upon for help! Most will be part of a freelancer network and have key contacts in specific areas – this means they know who they can call upon to help deliver a project and who will do the job right for them first time round! 


Working with freelancers has many benefits and should be explored for both short and long term projects, it is true that freelancers as best posted for short term projects but will also offer the same commitment to long term ones too, they can save you money and also offer services some larger companies cannot offer adhoc.

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