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Why Responsive Design Is Crucial

The way we access the internet is changing all the time and having a responsive design website that can be accessed and responds to these changing trends is more crucial everyday. Your website needs to be able to be accessed on a multitude of devices seamlessly adapting to the users device screen without loss of quality or usability. This benefits both the business from a user perspective and from an SEO perspective.  

UX Design

UX Design is a term used to describe “User Experience” – in short the experience a user has with your website. Responsive websites will enhance your customers experience with your brand, a user should be able to navigate and view your website without the need to adjust resolution and minimal zooming or resizing. If a user has to work harder to use your website – they will switch to a competitor who makes it easier for them! 

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In 2015 Google announced that it would be rewarding responsive, mobile friendly websites with higher rankings, and has since taken this one step further with mobile first indexing – in short if your website is not mobile friendly you are going to sink in the rankings in Google, if your website is responsive and mobile friendly the higher rankings you can expect. This is in part to the changing habits of users, you only have to look around you and see that more and more people are using mobile phones and tablets to perform tasks than are using the traditional desktop computer or laptop. This trend is almost definitively going to continue as devices become more powerful and more connected to even faster mobile broadband such as 4G. 


It is not so common place now than it used to be, but businesses used to have two websites running in parallel one for mobile devices and one standard one, responsive website design eliminates the need for two separate sites and two work loads when ever changes are needed.  Having a fully responsive website design also future proofs your website in many ways, but the most important one allows the end user to be able to see it on a variation of screen sizes – as the website responds to the users device there is little if any changes needed to the website to accommodate new devices coming onto the market. 

Final Words

I could type pages and pages on why businesses need to invest in responsive website design, I could sit here and type percentages and figures that would show the maths behind it, but lets face it – it’s boring reading a page full of numbers and you have a business to run so time is precious! Having a website that works as hard for you as you do for the business means you need to have it built with responsive design, flexibility and user experience in mind or you are just spending good money after bad, and with Google now prioritising responsive, mobile ready websites you cannot afford not to! 

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