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Why You Need To Invest In Content For Your Site

Investing time, money or effort into content for your site is vital for its success, now more than ever relevant and good quality content should be part of every online business website. Content Is King! Is a term branded about in the industry recently, but only if it is done right I would add to that! Good quality, authentic content that is relevant to your brand and target market will gain you rewards, badly written off topic content will just turn your client base off and into the waiting arms of your competitors! Why should you invest in quality, well written, relevant posts or blogs for your website?

SEO & Traffic

Ranking in more than one area is a great way to get more visitors to your website, and a good way to do that is to have more listings within the search engines. In addition to more listings having high quality content with internal links to other parts of your website helps the Google bots build up a map of your website and thus helping you rank higher. Traffic increases where there is more for users to read and do, so giving people a reason to stay on your website longer by reading content relevant to your brand is an easy way to do this. 

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Brand Authority 

What better way to show customers that you know the industry you are operating in? Stand out from the noise and hustle and bustle of the internet with engaging content that speaks directly to your customers! Good content should show the customers that you know your stuff, that you know what they are looking for and have the knowledge and skills to back this up! Hence that all content on your website should be relevant to your brand – writing about car tyres when your selling makeup for instance is not a good idea!

Added Value

If your content educates or helps the reader you are on your way to building a relationship with them, you are offering them something for free so in terms of profit its not going to help directly – however indirectly it can boost your bottom line! A good mix of content such as instructional product guides, relevant industry news or things like hints and tips are a good way to start. 

Increased Engagement 

A well written content be it on social media or on your website should in some way encourage an action from a customer/potential customer. It should engage them on a level where they want to interact with your brand further, be it reading more of your posts or buying your product/service.  

The big but….

Simply packing your website with content is not going to guarantee success! Nor is cramming your social media with posts every 30 minutes in a bid to get your brand out there! Key tips are consistency, keep it relevant and on brand to save turning off your customers! 

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