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Why Your Business Needs An Online Presence

In what seems like such a long time ago when you wanted to find local services you would ask around in the office or a friend, possibly even pick up a copy of the Yellow Pages to find local services, and reviews were pretty much down to word of mouth or local newspapers. This all changed with the world wide web aka the internet. Research suggests that a staggering figure of 81% of shoppers will do online research prior to buying a product and a staggering 65% of people will perform and online search when looking for services, so if your business does not have a strong online presence you are handing your competitors the leading edge. Investing time and money into your online presence can yield big results if done right as it not only showcases your business services locally but nationally or even worldwide!

Evans Creative

The Importance Of Having An Online Presence 

The benefits of having an online presence outweigh the costs most of the time, if you are using the right service and it has been set up correctly and updated regularly. Here are my top reasons why I think you need to invest in this area!

Customer Service

Be it contact telephone numbers and emails to returns policy or opening hours, having this kind of information readily available for people online saves frustration and less frustration equates to increased satisfaction – more satisfaction more repeat custom! It is a minor detail that tends to be overlooked when thinking of your online presence, as it seems a little insignificant but should never be left out. 


Customer goes in search of a hairdresser in Liverpool, finds lots of examples, but Evans Hairdressers failed to have an online presence – Evans Hairdresser just handed their competitors a client! It is quite literally that simple! 


Physical shops are great, local adverts in local papers are great, but if you do not have a website you a limiting yourself to local business! Having a website more so if you are selling products opens you up to a much much wider and larger market. 

Brand Authority 

A well designed website should show the world that you know what you are doing. and know your products. If you also have some online reviews this can help show that you are who you say you are and also that you provide good service. This all adds to your “brand authority” which carries more weight than most give it credit for!

Building Your Online Presence 

Even having a small online presence is better than having none at all, but having a multi pronged approach to your online presence is best. I will cover some of these approaches in my next blog post How To Build Your Online Presence. 

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