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Your Website Is A Journey Not A Race

Your business is not the same as it was when you first started it is it? Your business changes on a regular basis changing with your clients/customers needs or the needs of yourself as it grows – so why shouldn’t your website? I come across clients and web designers alike that presume once the website is live that the job is done and unless any redesigns are requested then it stays that way for evermore. I always advise all my clients that if they want to make the most of having a website that regular updates and changes are advisable. 

From an SEO perspective keeping your website updated and fresh is important, search engine bots will just see a site that has not changed in some time as dormant and your rankings will start to slip. Adding new content or refreshing your designs gives does not guarantee higher rankings but it does mean that you do not slip further down! Also more fresh content means more keywords to rank for, for instance having a regular updated blog for an online store that sells bike parts for instance, having articles for all the latest tech and new parts available on the market or the latest bike race, or just a regular blogspot means your site is more likely to rank for multiple keywords – giving your potential customers more chances of finding you. 

From a readers perspective also if your site design or content is the same as it always has been it will appear state and not interesting, and who wants to buy from a website that looks like it has not changed in years? Besides the content for your website you also need to ensure that you are keeping the background software updated on your website to ensure security, continuity and ensures you are keeping up with legislative changes also, such as recent changes with Data Protection and GDPR. 

Overall there are lots of benefits to keeping your website up to date, refreshed designs and regular content – in essence you need to work with your website to allow it to work with you!

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